Elizabeth Banks the Grey Lady

Pink and grey is a colour scheme not often found on superheroines. It doesn’t POP from the page and it’s kind of the colour of wallpaper in a sitting room (pretty but bland). But Elizabeth Banks makes an absolute statement with her pink and grey:

She is seriously ready to take flight. Here’s the dress from the front:

It only hints at heroine chic from this angle. But imagine a 30 year old soccer mom got sudden superpowers instead of a 16 year old science nerd — I can see her wearing this to clean up the streets. Well, no the soccer mom would wear a track suit or something equally practical but a society mom (the kind who has a sitting room) would wear this. Like… Martha Wayne. This is an Alternate Universe where Martha watches as her husband and son are gunned down and puts this on to turn vigilante savior of Gotham City.


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