Katy Perry is her own superteam.

Katy Perry didn’t pull off just one cracktastic outfit at the VMAs. She pulled off FIVE. She’s like if Jerrica Benton decided she was tired of dealing with the rest of her band and got Synergy to make her into ALL the Holograms, not just Jem:

She spins me right round, baby! Like a record!

Shiny! Right Kaylee?

That’s what I thought.

I think Morticia Addams inspired this one. If Morticia was in the Holograms.

If the women of 9 to 5 were in the Holograms.

And this is my favourite. Not because it’s the best dress. Because she is WEARING TETRIS.

Imagine if she really DID have hologram-power. She’d probably take over the world.

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