Badass of the Night: Evan Rachel Wood

Seriously now this TIFF weekend featured Angelina Jolie, Anna Faris, Megan Fox and Stacy Keibler — any and all of whom have been called badass by someone or another. Remember when Angie carried blood in a vial across borders? And Stacy was a legit member of the WWE. Someone or another, ymmv. But as you see if you clicked, all those looks were BORING. None of those ladies brought it to Toronto. This one did:

Evan’s been on an androgyny kick lately and more power to her (v heroine chic, think Batwoman), but besides her well-tailored suit and that adorable hat, there’s this:

No, I don’t mean the split lip she got in a Parisian bar fight (though that is probably the definition of badass), I mean that smile! Girl is working this. She likes her look! Click on those links again. Not just boring, but bored. Megan Fox looks half-dead. And yeah, of course there are many other pictures (here Megan looks happy and darling) but there is a TREND and the trend is Evan looks like the Cheshire Cat if the Cheshire Cat were going to challenge Alice to a duel.

As contrast, here she is (in Venice) being Alice — and her Alice would accept the challenge. But I know what you’re thinking. Neither of those characters are “badass”. I getcha.

Also in Venice: the Han Solo Ballerina.

And back to Toronto:

Gangsta. (Hi Ryan Gosling, you are also yummy.)

And when you line everyone up:

Ok. Ok. MESS. What are those shoes, Max? Even posing like a flight attendant Evan rocks it. Ilu, Marisa, but I that skirt is a mess. Ok, sorta creepy. Hi again, yummy. And George.

Evan said in a recent interview about her new film (Ides of March opening October 7), “I swear I was channeling George.” George Clooney the man’s man in a pixie package. Badass.

One Comment on “Badass of the Night: Evan Rachel Wood”

  1. Rae says:

    Oh, god. I try so hard not to give a fuck, and then some starlet up and does the dapper butch thing, and, WELL. There are some things for which I will never not be a sucker.

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