Superheroine of the Night: Gwyneth Paltrow


I love awards shows. But I don’t watch them for the awards. The awards are pretty silly, especially the Emmys where voters are only asked to watch ONE episode from a SEASON of television. Glee and Modern Family in the same category gets a lot of “really?” attention from press and fans but in my opinion The Good Wife, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones in the same race is equally strange. Apples and oranges people. And pears. And maybe avocados. Point being, I think the nomination IS actually the award and even that is pretty silly. I watch — and love! — award shows for a) the fashion (obvs) and b) the spontaneous moments of OH!

With this look, Gwyneth gave me both. So much so that I almost want to give out my own awards to all those spontaneous moments of OH! and name them The Gwynnies. Because REALLY.

Pepper Potts would NEVER wear this. But it is v v heroine chic! If it was pants it would BE a super suit. And don’t you kind of wish it was pants? If you are going to go half-way to I Dream of Jeannie, why not all the way?

I Dream of Gwynnie.

Never ever stop being you.

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