Superteam of the Night: Women of Comedy

How great are they? YOU ALL WIN. I don’t really watch comedy so I couldn’t tell you which of these women is best in her actual show but in last night’s show I give it to Amy Poehler’s sprint on stage. It was the perfect beginning to the gag and I love her for it.

As for fashion, one lady stands out:


She looks absolutely amazing. Tina and Edie look fine. Tina’s boring but when she’s not boring she’s a disaster and Edie maybe shouldn’t pick a dress the exact same color as her skin and hair, but it works for the super team angle, so why complain?

Melissa was the pageant winner and while I’ve never watched her show — or Bridesmaids — she was adorable accepting her award. And I really like Laura Linney’s LBD. But Martha is A-MAZ-ING.

Amy is the most heroine chic of the six, and the mastermind of the pageant “skit”, so she is clearly the Leader of the Superteam. But we should call it the GOONIES anyway, right?

Goonies for all the awards.

2 Comments on “Superteam of the Night: Women of Comedy”

  1. I was really excited this morning because I knew there would be a new Red Carpet Superhero post. 🙂

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