Supervillain of the Night: Alan Cummings

I only have two things to say about Alan Cummings’ latest Emmy look:

1. WUT.



3 Comments on “Supervillain of the Night: Alan Cummings”

  1. I saw a shot of him in my tumblr feed and I *immediately* thought “i hope Anika sees this!”

  2. Daniel Heard says:

    Well, the proportions are needlessly relaxed for a formal look, but the pants are actually pretty impressive.
    Floral prints have been floating around the corners of menswear trends for a bit.


    Tone it down, shrink it up, and I could see someone like stylish Ryan Gosling rocking the lewk.

  3. […] hard for a guy to win Superhero of the Night at a blacktie event. There are those — like Alan Cummings — who go for it and get rewarded for their weirdness (though note that I labelled him a […]

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