Ready-To-Wear: Tintin

As I mentioned over here on Fantastic Fangirls I have been a TINTIN fan since forever. Specifically since I was a nine year old world traveler accompanying my father the professor (he was Chair of the Theatre Department at Wesleyan University and taught Dana Delany and Bradley Whitford among others). I imagine anyone geek/chic enough to follow this blog knows there is a Tintin movie coming because here are some of the people involved: Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Steven Moffat, John Williams (of course), Andy Serkis, Simon Pegg, and Jamie Bell. I was going to do this when the movie came out in the U.S. (wide release December 21) but Jamie announced a Tintin Dress Up contest on Twitter. Let me repeat that: Jamie Bell announced a Tintin Dress Up contest on Twitter (details via amusing youtube short). How could my geek/chic dress-up-like-comic-book-characters fashion blog ignore that? So while I can’t enter (I live on the other side of the big water from the London premiere) I can be inspired (and inspiring?). Ready-to-wear TINTIN!

Now, unlike Spider-Man or Power Girl, Tintin wears clothes you can get away with wearing out. As Jamie clearly knows since he specifies “quiff and all” in the contest guidelines, Tintin’s hair is his most distinctive fashion feature. Beyond that we have white collar, blue sweater, brown high waters, optional coat.

On a girl this outfit could be pretty adorable and it’s old-fashioned enough to be “timeless” and therefore always on trend. It’s a bit harder to sell on a boy but:

Entirely possible. Yes, that’s Glee’s Darren Criss. Apparently he’s a huge Tintin fan, too. Basically, you CAN actually go full on cosplay Tintin in everyday life (quiff and all if your hair will do that). OR you can go for ready-to-wear Tintin like me.

The difference between cosplay and RTW, especially in this type of “realistic” look, is subtle (I don’t want to stray so far from the original it becomes unrecognizable) but obvious (in this case, I’m wearing a skirt). The elements are still there — color, silhouette — but there is a little more play to it.

Tintin wears plus-fours which are generally worn golfing. It’s a trouser that flairs and is cropped at mid-calf. A harem cut pant works:

Or a skirt is a fashionable alternative. To achieve the same effect of drawing attention to my calves I paired my short wool skirt with legwarmers worn over my boots.

Slouch boots would also work.

For the top, the base goal is to layer blue over a white collar. I chose a button down blouse, or you can go with a simple Polo:

The blue top layer has the most give for creativity:

As with all RTW my main advice is be creative, be yourself, and have fun!

As mentioned before, Tintin’s hairstyle is distinctive. I couldn’t pull it off so I went with this alternative. I also went with the shirt untucked because it’s more flattering to my waist — and that is the distinction of RTW: think fashion and personal preference over costume (unless you are trying to win a costume contest, natch).

And of course the MOST IMPORTANT element of ANYTHING relating to Tintin….


I wanted a Snowy of my very own since I saw this picture:

Mine is littler, but I’m littler than these men, too. So it’s all good.

One Comment on “Ready-To-Wear: Tintin”

  1. Zoë says:

    Love this! I am also a huge tintin fan, even though I’m only 15. For a while, I’ve been trying to find pieces of clothing similar to tintin’s outfit. I wanted to have the same colors used, I wanted to make a more casual look, but still have it look professional at the same time. This post gives me ideas!

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