Scream’s Supervillains of the Night

It’s a good thing RDJ is such an ICONIC red carpet superhero because the Scream Awards were overflowing with supervillains. Which is probably to be expected at the SCREAM awards. Anyway one superviallin stands out…

No, not him! I mean, yes, obvs, VADER is the most villainous villain and actually picked up the VILLAIN award (from George, awww) but that’s TOO OBVIOUS, don’t you think?

Ha ha ha, I totally understand why you might think Quentin is the superest and most villainous supervillain there, particularly with his Harley Quinn (metaphor intended!) but QT is ALSO too easy an answer.

While we are in the couples division I entirely get why these people (Oliver Peck and …Cheetara?) would be up for the title. He’s not wearing a shirt and that leopard dress is scary y’all. But if I’m not gonna go with QT or VADER… really.

I. Um. Oh, dear. Matt Smith is QUIRKY. I get that. I respect that! But this is … Frat Party. And that is a terrible supervillain name. What’s on his shirt anyway?


Lena! This is totally heroine chic. It’s the necklace that does it. And the shoes. I WANT those shoes. Too casually sexy for a true supervillain though. She’s more the Catwoman inbetweeny type.

Wow, she’d be a great Catwoman.

Um, anyway. No, here is your supervillain of the night:

You don’t fool me, Chloe Moretz! Princess Lolly you are not!

Actually, that would be an amazing horror flick. I feel like someone was making a Candyland film at some point? Did that happen? Oh well, whatever, in my version Princess Lolly is kidnapped and Candyland turns dark without her sunshine and lollipops (oh noes!) SO the adventuring duo have to travel through the dark twisted evil version of Candyland only to discover that Lolly is the mastermind behind the whole thing and Lord Licorice is totally innocent (or secretly her real father or sleeping with her depending on who is directing this thing). And it wins all the Scream awards.

Congrats Chloe! You’re aDORable (and secretly plotting world domination).


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