Guys you gotta see Chanel’s new super boots.

Grand-Palais, December 6, 2011: Chanel Paris-Bombay Show. Where at Karl Lagerfeld presents:

When Star Wars met Moulin Rouge. Okay, maybe it’s me (totally plausible) but this made me think Shiny Hoth Leia followed immediately by the finale song of Moulin Rouge!. So it’s clearly Hoth Satine. Or Satine Stormtrooper, which is not quite as accurate but a cooler phrase. But let’s take a closer look at the most heroine chic element:

The boots showed up in multiple looks but I like them best with Hoth Satine. And what’s the BEST PART and the reason I absolutely HAD to share with you all?

They’re flat. I love heels, the vast majority of my shoes are heels because I am 5’2 and need the boost. I believe superheroines can bust you up in high heels. But Chanel says they don’t have to. Thanks King Karl!

(View the whole collection here)


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