Wonder Women: Mary Elizabeth Winstead vs. Helen Mirren

It’s a dress battle! It’s an HEROINE CHIC DRESS BATTLE!

Here’s Mary Elizabeth Winsteasd or sometimes “MEW” which always always always makes me think of Pokemon and imagine that Mary is the anthropomorphic version of Mew, the little pink psychic cat that flies and teleports and…. anyway! Mary wore this a few weeks ago to Spike TV’s Scream Awards. At the time I thought 1. She is SO PRETTY. 2. Captain America’s daughter. Or alternatively Wonder Woman, she is a lovely brunette and WAS in a movie with Lynda Carter (playing a superpowered teen no less, Ms. Winstead’s credits — Sky High, Scott Pilgrim, The Thing — are quite appropriate for this genre fashion blog).

Then Helen Mirren (aka THE QUEEN) wore almost the same dress to the British Comedy Awards:

And paired it with long leather gloves. Helen Mirren for all the awards, guys. ALL THE AWARDS.

Here’s the full look:

On Mary it’s soft and romantic but quirky, on Helen it’s decidedly badass. So in terms of heroine chic, Helen has the edge. But what do you think?


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