Project Runway All-Stars 1.1

Yay, it’s PR time! When I say that in chats my friend gets confused because when she sees “PR” in terms of a television series she thinks Power Rangers. Which begs the question: Power Rangers All-Stars, y/y? But, no, I’m talking about PROJECT RUNWAY and I have to say, All-Stars, I’m thrilled to see you. The last season of Project Runway Not All-Stars was awful. My family and I struggled to remember who ended up in the finals and when we did finally piece it together we were annoyed at how it all played out. But with All-Stars not only do we get people who already know how to be on television but in theory we get worthy designers (in theory). PLUS we get Isaac Mizrahi, who I’ve followed and adored since Unzipped and my new favourite secret supervillain Joanna Coles. She is clearly Lex Luthor and I love her.

With All-Star competitions, every week ends up nail-biting because no matter who goes home it’s SOMEONE and usually someone I CARE about. Even this first episode, though there were two people I didn’t recognize at all (apparently I didn’t watch Season 7?), my tummy was flippy-floppy. My Fantastic Four are Mondo, Austin Scarlett, Kenley, and especially Kara Janx. And yes, with those names they should also be a Fashion Superteam (Fashion Four? Fantastic Fashion? Hmmm). Anyway, so to cheer me up in the future inevitable moment when someone I REALLY REALLY CARE about is not-aufed-but-dismissed-by-not-Heidi I’m going to play PR All Stars Superheroine Pick of the Week! And Michael Kors isn’t around to roll his eyes, yay!

Here’s what’s in the running for Week 1:

ONE: April’s Hair

As a designer April is forgettable. But I seriously want to know how she gets her hair that colour. She’s like a grown up Luna Maximoff.

TWO: Austin’s Plastic Dress

I think the judges just assume Austin is crazy so this crazy was actually not crazy enough to land outside the middle. I have to say I liked it better on the table where the hip bouquets were not visible. Because those hip bouquets. No. But I love the colour. And the strange Ode to the Enchantment Under the Sea aesthetic is sort of growing on me the more I look at it. Anyway, everything about it is heroine chic, Namora should give him a call.

THREE: Mila’s Pants

Lifetime didn’t want to show me these pants. The big block with the designer’s name and the materials each look was made from reallllllllly got in the way of our ability to SEE the looks as they walked the runway. But the small glimpse I got told me that I needed to look it up because WHAT were those pants. Answer: heroine chic. The top is too stiff and boxy but the pants should basically already be in a comic book.

FOUR: Gordana’s Look

This picture is precious. Even Gordana does not know WTF she made. I’ll tell you, G. Girl needs to join the Legion posthaste.

And finally FIVE: Elisa’s … This.

Elisa was not-aufed-out for this which I don’t entirely agree with. I don’t know where I’d wear it but I kinda like it. And it’s well-made and has a distinct point of view neither of which describes Sweet P’s entry. It IS on the side of ridiculous, but you know. Making dresses out of stuff in the 99 cent store.

Anyway, hot pants, bodice and cape-wings are what we call elements of heroine chic but what really put this over the top is Elisa’s directions to her model to spread her arms like the little butterfly she is. Well played Elisa. Sorry the judges/producers were scared you were going to set the place on fire.

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