Supervillain of the Night: Vanessa Hudgens

Ah, the People’s Choice Awards. One of the more silly awards shows and let’s be real, awards shows are silly. But! Also fun and it’s not like I didn’t vote (though a few categories I had to skip entirely, like Choice Male in a Comedy Movie or whatever it was Adam Sandler won…I could not in good conscience cast my vote for any of the Choice choices. I wrote in Robert Pattinson.)

Anyways, Vanessa’s was the first picture I saw from the Red Carpet and I knew immediately she’d make it to the end as our supervillain. I mean, look at her:

Spider-Queen! …OMG, remember when Captain Janeway had to be Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People in Tom Paris’s 50s sci-fi holodeck program? Baby V grew up to be so awesome.

One Comment on “Supervillain of the Night: Vanessa Hudgens”

  1. Stunning! I loved this look on her. I do agree that award shows are silly, but when you get to vote it’s hard to resist!!

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