Project Runway All-Stars 1.2

“Night at the Opera” doesn’t scream “heroine chic”. It doesn’t even whisper it. These aren’t red carpet events, there’s not going to be a fashion recap, no alleged fashion blogger is going to scan through the pics to find the one who looks like she belongs in a comic book. As much as I now want to show up at the next scheduled performance to click pictures I can then scan through to find the one who looks like she belongs in a comic book, that’s not what opera is. So we don’t have too too much in the running for Superheroine Pick of the Week. But when has that ever stopped me??

ONE: Jerrel’s Name

I didn’t mention it last week so he gets worked in now. I’m not really a fan of his aesthetic and I hated Jerrel’s look this week but I do enjoy pretending he’s related to Superman.

TWO: I’ve decided April is Layla Miller



I wish I could get a better screen grab of April’s outfit but I think the comparison is clear. In related news, April is rapidly climbing the ranks of my favourites.

THREE: Mondo’s Collar and Cape

He said he was going for futuristic and he succeeded.

FOUR: Maybe Gordana secretly reads my blog.

At first glance this is flapper-meets-under-the-sea (which is nifty in its own right) but the bizarre color pattern on the skirt tips it heroine chic. Which means Gordana is my one to watch.

FIVE: Anthony’s Gown + Styling

The dress: is entirely as Kryptonian as Jerrel’s name.
The styling: come on. Those gloves are 100% heroine chic. The judges even said she looked like she was ready to punch someone.

Edit: Gordana’s dress was initially credited erroneously to Mila. Thank you Julia.


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