Superheroines of the Night: Diane Kruger, Busy Phillips, and Michelle Williams

First we have to talk about this:

My thoughts go like so:
1. Zomg!
2. But where’s Josh?
3. But but do you think Diane&Josh and Busy&Michelle have super fashionable dinner parties?
5. Charlie‘s Angels

Now let’s talk clothes.

This is interesting. And definitely on the side of heroine chic with that neckline and the colour scheme. And look here:

The chunky bracelet and the sparkly nail polish (and the adorable star ring) all push this toward superherodom and if the skirt were the length of that sash there it would be just right. For fighting bad guys. It’s an appropriate length for the red carpet at an awards show.

Anyway, it’s interesting, but it looks oddly stiff for a flowy grecian dress standing like so. Or maybe SHE looks oddly stiff.

There. Much better.

This…is boring. Pretty color but I don’t love this cut on anyone and with that hair she looks like a lamp. A pretty lamp. But a lamp.

This I love. She looks sophisticated and adorable at the same time.

The top is effortlessly heroine chic. And her styling looks effortlessly stunning.

I LOVE the flowers. Beautiful.

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