Heroine Chic at the Golden Globes

Heroine chic can creep up on you. I don’t expect many of our starlets consciously think “superhero!” when they pick their Red Carpet Looks…but I expect a number do think “powerful” or at the least “fierce”. These have that edge to them:

Dianna Agron. Look at that bodice. She told Ryan Seacrest she is wearing “laser cut swans”. (In related news, my new band Laser Cut Swans is making its debut this Friday)

Claire Danes. She’s beautiful, the dress is beautiful, but that back to the dress is STUNNING. And looks like armor.

Mila Kunis. This silhouette has been done a lot this season. But it IS heroine chic. Particularly with her gonna-cut-a-bitch expression in this photo.

Zooey Deschenel. When I first saw her I thought the styling didn’t match the dress. But it’s sort of growing on me. I mean she is Zooey. The dress is something else but the styling is actually what makes it heroine chic:

She looks like a 50s sci-fi evil robot girl from Mars plotting to destroy the Earth. You know?

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