In Which Stacey Keibler is Playing Along

I like Stacey Keibler. She owns her schtick. She’s pulled off “Leggy Girl-Wrestler” and “Star Who Dances” and she’s been a trooper as “Clooney’s Arm Candy”. I believe her when she babbles about being a tomboy. I sorta kinda think she’s cool.

But what the what is this?:

I mean. Here’s from the front:

Pretty! I’m not even mad about the red on the red carpet. It’s nothing special, nothing to get excited about, but it shows off her (great) body and she looks like she’s feeling good.

But she has a giant bow on her back. Like. What? She’s a gift? To who? From whom? Why???

It looks like the mechanism on a wind-up-doll. Is it supposed to be irony?

Also, GIRL, those shoes are awful. Come on. You are dating GEORGE CLOONEY.

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