Project Runway All-Stars 1.4

I don’t know if there was anything heroine chic about this episode 😦 But I do have THOUGHTS on the episode. And my thoughts on Michael’s dress are in keeping with this site’s POV so there we go.

Here’s Michael’s (winning!) look:

It was not my favourite on the runway but I see why it won. It’s a signature look, it’s comparatively well-made, properly proportioned. Miranda Kerr won’t be embarrassed to show up in it even if I can’t imagine her wearing it. Who can I imagine wearing it?

Maddie Hayes. Now, I have been watching a lot of Moonlighting, my brother got the DVDs for the holidays, so I might not have leaped to this conclusion if I hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. But O-M-G, that is SUCH a Maddie Hayes dress. And as a model-turned-detective Maddie is sorta kinda a red carpet superhero, you know? At least on the slant.

Also in the top, Mondo:

And Mila:

Mondo has been going out of his way to do things that are different from what he’s known for. Which is probably smart, but since I liked what he was known for…I am not in love with Cantaloupe here. As with Michael I get why it was tops, but it is just not my thing. She does have a secret agent goddessy flow going on and the way he’s got her styled I can imagine it on, say, Misty Knight. For a Heroes on the Red Carpet Event. (I am willing to put together that comic for you, Marvel. Anytime.)

I hated Mila’s dress on the runway. It does look better in these pictures so maybe TV just didn’t capture it well. I can actually imagine Miranda in this one, so …I don’t know. I won’t quibble. I will say that these three in the top got to choose their flavor first so clearly that was an advantage. Kara went last and got stuck with chocolate:

This shot reallllllllly shows off the maternity commentary to the dress. Yes, wearing this would bring on the bump watch reports. I think it’s a cute idea that got mucked up in OMGWEONLYHAVESIXHOURS execution. As was April’s.

I really wish she hadn’t decided to style this differently than she would normally. It might not have saved her, but the impact of the dress was robbed by the belt and earrings. When it came down to April or Kara I didn’t know who I wanted to stay because I like both their aesthetic more than I like Jerrel’s for instance. It’s entirely a matter of personal taste and April’s dress was poorly executed. But I have to say there is a pattern emerging in who is sent home: Unconventional women need not apply.


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