Project Runway All-Stars 1.5

I had a fever while watching this episode but what I got out of it is Kenley and Kara should open a boutique together. A MOBILE boutique. It can’t be an actual tugboat and travel the world but maybe it could be a boat dressed up to look like a tugboat. Okay, it’s an absurdly expensive idea and probably an absurdly expensive idea that is Actually Absurd. You can blame it on the fever and the fact that my two fave PR All Stars are besties (to the point where Michael wants to tear them down, or so the editors want us to believe…or maybe so Michael wants the editors to want us to believe… reality tv is so confusing).

ANYWAY, this week’s heroine chic:


Mondo won with this jacket. The rest of the look was chic and very ‘Mondo’ but I’m pretty sure this jacket was the winner. And with the architectural cut it is also quite heroine chic.

Almost as heroine chic as Mondo’s boots.


I (predictably) preferred this look. And I loved Austin’s muse.

SO heroine chic. And when the word “epaulets” was uttered on screen I “woo!”ed aloud.

3. MILA:

And I (predictably) would have put this in the top over Rami. It’s not “surprising”, I realize, but I love it. I also love how her model is working it in this cap. She looks like the Rogue action figure that came out with the first X-Men film — it had articulated joints and you could pose her with toes pointed in. Classic “young girl in transition” and whether you like that version of Rogue or not, it was fitting to the portrayal. Here, the model looks like “angry young girl in transition” and I love it.


These would be examples of “unfortunately heroine chic”. Yes, they have superheroine elements. But they are sad with a side of WTF?


I love her. And I loved her look in the episode. When I find a picture I will post it!


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