Project Runway All-Stars 1.6

There was only one garment on the runway that was passably heroine chic and its designer was sent home. So this post is going to be about Kenley:

Kenley Collins beat Mondo (such a favourite I am beginning to think this whole All-Stars season was created to hand him a win) in the fashion face-off and nearly won the whole challenge. But Jerell said only Minnie Mouse would wear her jumper and everything I’ve read online seems to agree. Here is the look in question:

Hey Jerell + Internet? I would wear that all the time. It was made for “Summer” so it’s a bit inappropriate for New England in February, but come July, sign me up. I’ll wear it to bop around NYC. Or hey, I would, in fact, love to wear it to Disney World to be photographed WITH Minnie Mouse. If anyone wants to fund that, let me know.

So it bothers me some that Twitter and the blogosphere is lit up with the statement “No Real Girl Would Wear Kenley’s Clothes”. I guess I’m not a Real Girl. But I guess Zooey Deschanel and Michelle Williams and Kenley herself aren’t real either, so, OH WELL.

I love Kenley’s designs and I also love Kenley’s loud, socially awkward personality. When Mondo was having a breakdown about the judges hating the look he designed as a gift for his mom (aside: I think maybe “this girl is going to my mother’s 60th birthday party” is not the greatest place to start with a look in the first place) Kenley pointed out that they said worse things about Austin’s look than his. The expression on Austin’s face was priceless. It was a great awful Kenley moment and it’s stuff like that that drives everybody to hate on her. But I entirely identify with that moment. My attempts at compassion can be just as disastrous. And Austin can take it! He’s not crying in his boots.

No matter what happens in the coming weeks or how far she gets I’m Team Kenley all the way.

And farewell to Rami who made this passably heroine chic Ode to Counselor Troi. I wish he got further than some of the others but that green top really was a disaster.


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