Project Runway All-Stars 1.8

Well. On the plus side, the challenge “make a dress inspired by a flag” yields inherently heroine chic looks. On the minus side no one did particularly well with it, I’m tired of The Mondo Show, and Mila went home for making an awesomely conceptual, very well-crafted, and interesting dress. But let’s start with the positive:

Kenley made another super cute dress that the judges (begrudgingly?) loved despite her making the same kind of super cute dress every week. It is very heroine chic in its cut. And as Joanna Coles pointed out on Twitter last night, this is a play on a stars and stripes dress!

Before I get into Mondo and Mondo’s dress, I am currently working on Ready to Wear: Rogue (of the X-Men) and I started by searching for an “Jamaican Flag Dress”. Isn’t that CRAZY? Of course, Mondo’s dress would not work for RTW Rogue because he hid the color scheme.

I don’t think this is a bad dress. It’s on the boring side and I hated the choice to give her dreadlocks and a head wrap. And Mondo’s attitude + the seeming inevitability of his winning it all leave me cold. I liked Mondo and his designs on his first season, this season both have me rolling my eyes.

Michael is designing for Lea Michele!

This was on the top, in third place. I would have ranked it on the bottom, in fourth. It’s pretty. It says Greece. The bow is silly.

And the back is either too low or two wide or both. The dress is heroine chic — it would absolutely fit in on Themyscira — and it’s weird but I think on an exaggerated superheroine body the issues I have with the cut/fit would be less pronounced. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, but it’s an interesting thought.

This was in fourth place and I’d’ve ranked it fifth. Michael’s is better. Jerell’s is much worse. The best thing Austin did in the episode was become Kenley’s new bestie now that Kara is off. Now I want Kara and Kenley’s traveling boutique to include Austin as well. They are my super-trio.

This came out on the runway and my living room fashion crew said “the only question is, is this offensive to India?” Georgina likened it to India Barbie and that is exactly what it looks like. Which, in theory, is not offensive. So there’s that. But it looks both obvious and haphazard. The judges liked the white stripe down the arm. I didn’t even notice that detail and when it was pointed out I said, okay, interesting idea but it looks AWFUL in execution. And THEN he styled it as blatantly as possible. This was a mess and I would have sent it home.

And this I rank above Michael. I like it. I don’t love it, it has flaws, but so did Kenley and Mondo and I like this. It’s thoughtful, it’s different, it’s a little wacky. Maybe it’s a lot wacky. I don’t know if I’d wear it. But Katy Perry would.

I get Isaac’s point that it’s more Russia than Papua New Guinea. But I don’t have an issue with that. Paired up with Kenley’s, we get kind of a cool (and heroine chic) play on the Cold War. Mila’s dress had a point of view and it was well-made. Jerell’s dress was likened to Barbie and had construction flaws I could see and he even admitted to in his comments. The only explanations I can come up with for Jerell being safe over Mila involve conspiracy theories.

One Comment on “Project Runway All-Stars 1.8”

  1. RaeBeta says:

    Regarding the Rogue RTW superhero–let me know if you’d like a hand! I’d love to help on that one.

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