Superheroes at the Oscars: Batmen

I know George Clooney doesn’t like to think about that time he played Batman. I know Bat-fandom, comic fans, cinephiles, and the general population don’t like to think about that time he played Batman. But you know. He did once play Batman.

He knows I’m talking about this and is trying to hurry Stacey on. George, you know she’s wearing ridiculous heels and her mobility is severely impaired by that gorgeous gold dress so you should be more of a gentleman and let go your evils of the Bat hang ups. I bet Stacey thinks it’s awesome you once played Bruce Wayne. She totally seems like a girl who’d like Batman.

So seriously, George is making a goofy face in every picture. This is the best I got. But who’s looking at him anyway? Stacey is killer. She’s dressed AS an Oscar but she is working it.

Yay, a smile! So they kind of look like Ken and Barbie Go to the Oscars here. They are very, very pretty. Also pretty?

Current Batman, Christian Bale. The black on black on black suits both Bale and Bruce. I approve.

And this just says it all. Octavia’s win is well-deserved and she is probably the best dressed of the whole thing. You don’t want to disagree with Batman, right?

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