Superheroes at the Oscars: Rose Byrne

Hello heroine chic! Rose presented along with the other Bridesmaids and represented the entire cast of X-Men First Class. Okay that last bit only for those of us who care about superheroes at the Oscars, but still true. Her geek cred goes further back, however. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away Rose Byrne was:

Dorme!! Handmaiden to:

Padme!! I liked the idea of Natalie’s dress but I wanted it to be shorter. And maybe softer?

Dorme wins this round. Of course she got a head start at the pre-Oscars bash:

So. Precious. Rose looks more like Moira here. Classic. And Ginnifer is too darling. Even with her bra showing.

Less darling and more daring, this reminds me of the dress I loved on Diane Kruger two years ago (scroll down). But you know what this picture needs?

An Asgardian!

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