Project Runway All-Stars 1.9

“But she’d fit right in at Comic-Con.”

I agree (guest judge) Pharell Williams. I also agree that this screams Mortal Kombat (MORTAL KOMBAT). Mortal Kombat by way of Tron. So is it heroine chic or is it straight-up costume?

The challenge itself walks the line — the prize is to have your look worn by one of Pharrell’s artists which could mean at an awards event or premiere but could also mean in a music video or promoting an album. And when the goal is an avant garde look that LIGHTS UP, a bit costumey is to be expected. But Michael’s look was a LOT costumey. I think too much to be truly heroine chic.

Then there’s Mondo, whose dress mostly looked like a Mondo dress that just happened to light up. It really, really reminds me of the Warchowski Brothers’ Speed Racer film. Considering how unpopular that film is I’m not sure that’s a good thing but it’s what I get out of this look.

Kenley consistently makes things I want to wear. And imagine that barbed wire fence coat over a jumpsuit instead of the (adorable) plaid dress — that’s a superhero waiting to be introduced to the world (purple bob included).

Jerrel had the beginnings of a funky glow in the dark safari ballerina but he KOed her with over the top styling and a ridiculous skirt. The pic on the left looks like part of the Lion King’s entourage at Disneyland’s Electrical Light Parade and the pic on the right looks Just Plain Awful. There is nothing approaching heroine chic anywhere in this.

Whereas this is stunning. It didn’t look as absolutely gorgeous walking the runway on TV but in the stills and during the critique, WOW. This is the only look that uses the lights to affect what you see and that made it stand out. If this walked out at the Met Ball it would be heroine chic. In the context of the challenge, it’s a very pretty dress. All in all I approve of this win.

One Comment on “Project Runway All-Stars 1.9”

  1. thetvduck says:

    While I liked Austin’s dress, it wasn’t my favourite. The top half is beautiful, some sort of fairy princess from a cold kingdom. But the bottom is like an unfinished Christmas tree…

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