Jennifer Lawrence’s Heroine Chic

The Hunger Games opened today and as far as I can tell it is all anyone wants to talk about. And when I say anyone, I mean everyone. Twitter, tumlbr, all the blogs I follow, my co-workers, my family, their friends, my friends…everyone! And every advertiser out there is trying to attach THE HUNGER GAMES to their product no matter how absurd it might be. Which sort of makes sense when you think about The Capitol and the way the media are used in the series. It kinda should be absurdist. And if we follow through to the logical next step, Katniss should be dressed like a hero. Right? So let’s see how J-Law does.

YES. Jennifer and her stylists definitely took the “girl on fire” idea to heart. She’s sporting golds and reds in a majority of her looks for this media blitz. Staring with this was smart, it makes a bold statement right away. It’s VERY heroine chic. Cut the skirt above the knee and boom, super-costume.

The back detail and the cut outs seal the deal. I love the hair close up, but it lacks oomph in the far way.

This gold dress is far less interesting to me and we have the same boring hair. She has an amazing body but this looks more Barbie than Xena. (Of course both Xena and Katniss are Barbies so, Idk.)

Here she is basically a literal phoenix.

AGAIN WITH THE HAIR. But I love the dress.

Yay! Her hair is down!

And so is her zipper? Okay?

I mean, I think the exposed zipper trend is going a little awry. But it’s interesting. I’ll give it that. Also: she is FIT.

This is adorable. Everything about it is adorable. And the keyhole is super heroine chic. If this were white she would be rocking Power Girl.

This is less adorable. This and the first LBD are sort of like the two gold dresses — the first is exciting, the second is eh.

This is … It’s giving me a real throwback vibe that I love. It’s a little cheerleader which I also love. It has a “Hello, these are my breasts” thing going that I don’t entirely love. I think because I can’t tell if it’s heroine chic or she just looks like a busty comic book girl in a cheerleadery dress…and that’s an icky dilemma.

And this is sort of making me cry. It’s so close to both adorable and Captain America heroine chic. I love everything except the fact that her shirt is the wrong size/material and therefore slipping out and sloppy and stealing her adorable and Captain America heroine chic. A++ outfit. FAILED execution.

One Comment on “Jennifer Lawrence’s Heroine Chic”

  1. gabipo says:

    The cheerleader outfit? Total Sailor Moon vibe.

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