Bow Ties are Cool at the Kids Choice Awards

So is hipster still hipster if everyone is doing it?

Here’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. Of One Direction, the latest boy band craze. I haven’t actually ever heard One Direction but I’m pretty sure that both “boy band” and “craze” disqualify them from the hipster scene. So does that mean bow ties are ACTUALLY cool (aka “mainstream”) and therefore also disqualified? How will mainstreamers be able to identify hipsters if the mainstreamers are the ones wearing the bow ties and suspenders?! I am so confused!

Seriously I just want to photoshop the TARDIS into this one.

And then Ryan Potter, Gracie Dzienny and Carlos Knight here are clearly the cast of a Doctor Who reboot for a younger audience. Gracie and Carlos are totally younger Rose and Mickey and Ryan is obviously younger Eleven. So that’s a mixed-up-series cast, it’s a younger skewing reboot! (Sadly, they are billed as the cast of Supah Ninjas which is …not Doctor Who).

And speaking of younger skewing reboots —

Why is Andrew Garfield (known hipster) who plays Peter Parker (known hipster) in the newest Spidey movie and is not only actually British, but was actually in an episode of Doctor Who, NOT wearing a bow tie? Is it TOO COOL for you, Garfield?

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