Superheroine of the Night: Taylor Swift

There was a rumor a few years back that Taylor Swift was going to be cast as the new Supergirl. It never went anywhere, the rumor or the movie, but when I look at this:

I think of that. And I like it. What Taylor has to offer — beyond her weirdly both exotic and all-American look, her guaranteed #1 hit song for the soundtrack, her huge collection of awards and her even huger collection of fans, particularly the main chunk of 15-25 year old girls who are in theory the main audience for a Supergirl movie — is the wide-eyed exuberance she exhibits in all her videos and concerts and every time she wins and plays it off as a surprise and a gift. Like so:

There is something extremely Kryptonian about this picture. But Taylor isn’t just the doe-eyed damsel:

She’s pretty determined to be someone you Do Not Mess With, too.

The dress (by J. Mendel) is exactly heroine chic — the cut outs, the gold, the open back — and Taylor is working it like a super-girl.

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