Another Gwen (Stefani)

When I posted this look to my Heroine Chic Pin Board yesterday I mused that it possibly deserved a full discussion.

It’s so very heroine chic. It’s a jumpsuit. It has a a teeny skirt AND tight pants. There are cut outs and sheer bits. It’s suggestive of power and attraction. The red lips and nails scream super. Chunky Wonder Woman bracelet. Even the messy top knot fits a comic book look.

And because she’s a blonde Gwen I really really want her to be Super Gwen Stacey.

She can get spider-powers or chemical powers. Or just suit up for revenge or honor. I mean, srs, Gwen Stefani has ALWAYS wanted to be a superhero. Go watch any performance or do an image search. What if she did a song for the soundtrack of {insert your favourite upcoming comic book superhero film here}??? That almost deserves a petition.

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