Ready-to-Wear: Snow White

I recently returned from Disney World and I already want to go back. But do you know there are rules about cosplay in the Magic Kingdom? If you are old enough to be mistaken for a Disney Princess you will not be admitted to a Disney park in princess costume (I did once go to EPCOT dressed as Fleur Delacour). So what’s a girl to do?

Ready-to-Wear Princess is both more simple and more difficult to pull off than Ready-to-Wear Superhero. Princess-like attire — soft, feminine, pretty — is ubiquitous in the girls and women’s sections. But this also makes it less distinctive. So it’s important to pay attention to detail. What’s most characteristic of Snow White’s look?

*bright colors — red, blue, yellow
*puffed (peasant or princess) sleeves and skirt
*the hair bow

Snow White-esque tops are available and affordable:

All of these give a nod back to Snow White’s bodice.

This is reminiscent of both Alice and Cinderella as well, but has Snow’s elements.

I like a bubble skirt for the bottom:

It’s even Snow White approved:

An added petticoat would give any skirt a little ‘princess’ oomph:

Or you can play with the idea and wear it over shorts or jeans.

As for the bow, a simple red headband would do. Finding one with a bow for someone over the age of 6 (or honestly, 6 months) is difficult and maybe too on the nose. Or, you can go the Mary Margaret way —

She wears the traditional bow in fairyland, but in Storybrooke she’s taken to wearing a succession of adorable hats (usually paired with a scarf and pea coat — like Snow’s cape and collar!).

She even shares the quirk with her daughter:

As always, have fun — and if you get your princess on, send me a pic!

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