Ready-to-Wear: Cinderella

There is one surefire way to invoke Cinderella no matter what you are wearing.

Glass slippers! Marc Jacob recently released a transparent pump that fulfills every Cinderella fantasy I have ever had:

But until my fairy godmother sends them to me, here are some alternatives for under $600.

These look nearly as perfect and are a tenth of the cost.

For a little extra princess-fun these have the added heart or butterfly detail.

If you’d rather a flat, these are adorable and SPARKLE! (Note that they are $350)

I love these. A lot.

These would be perfect to wear AT Disneyland!

For the most practical princesses of all.

And for your little princess Disney has their own glass slippers available:

And they light up!

Click on images for purchasing information. Red Carpet Superhero is not affiliated with any retail organization.


2 Comments on “Ready-to-Wear: Cinderella”

  1. Argh! I so want the light up ones! And I have little bitty feet that fit into the upper end of kids shoes, but these stop one size too small. Sad feet!

  2. […] These could even be an update to glass slippers. […]

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