Avengers Week: Hulk

Princess Week has ended, though we intend to go back to watch the rest of the Princess (and animated Disney) films when we are done with: AVENGERS WEEK! That’s right, as I am sure you know Marvel’s blockbuster The Avengers — or as my daughter Aeris calls it All the Superheroes — opens wide in the U.S. this Friday. To get ready we, like many fans, are watching the lead-up films, and I, like a few fans, am dressing “in the style of” the Avengers each day this week. For Monday, THE INCREDIBLE HULK:

I’m not much of a Hulk fan. “I’m really big and smash stuff” is pretty much my least favourite powerset (see also: Juggernaut, The Thing, etc.) and while I appreciate the tragedy of Bruce Banner, I don’t connect to him. But, Hulk’s an original Avenger so he gets a look.

These are not cultivated Ready-to-Wear Superhero outfits. These are looks I put together with things I already have in my closet. But as you can see I already have the perfect Hulk skirt. The top is pretty generic and would work better with a richer green. And the sandals are a compromise. But the overall effect — disheveled, tortured, temperamental, bohemian — is achieved.

For styling I brushed my hair out “wild” and applied minimal make-up: smudged eyeliner and thick mascara to reference tired or bruised eyes, and a purple-gold lip.

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