Avengers Week: Iron Man

For day two of Avengers Week I am dressed as IRON MAN. And so is the rest of my family. My husband is wearing a glow-in-the-dark arc reactor t-shirt under his button down, my older daughter is wearing a red-and-gold Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith t-shirt from Hollywood Studios because I said “If Iron Man was a girl, and she designed a t-shirt for the Rock N Roller Coaster, it would be that.” when she bought it, and my younger daughter is wearing yellow, red, and a crystal. If I can get them to pose, I’ll update with pics. For now, Here’s me:

The red sundress is from Old Navy and it was paired with a (different) gold belt when I saw it on the mannequin so while this is something I already own, it was purchased with RTW Superhero in mind.

The belt is vintage, the shoes are red velvet Mary-Jane pumps (these by Farenheit), and gold legwarmers. I’m a dancer and a child of the eighties, legwarmers are a staple of my own character design. I wear them over shoes to give an outfit my own spin — also it makes my feet look smaller and my legs look longer (I’m only 5’2″ so every little bit helps).

My hair is twisted back to frame, like a helmet. And the one thing really missing is a blue-and-white (if not glowing) necklace in a circle, triangle or similar shape. Not having that, I added the blue with eyeshadow.

And the shape with the earring.

ETA: Here’s Kiki!

And Aeris!

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