Avengers Week: Captain America

When I first heard about the years long film build up to The Avengers I was the most scared of a Captain America film. If it didn’t take place predominantly in the 40s I wanted no part. Cap is woken up by the Avengers, he’s never in the future without them. That’s a little detail that matters to me. But they made the movie I wanted to see.

This is the outfit I will be wearing to see The Avengers at midnight tonight. It’s a bit more ostentatious than the rest of my week.

I think it’s a safe assumption star-spangled pants aren’t in the average person’s closet. These particular star-spangled pants were custom made for me (by my husband, Christian) over ten years ago.

The details really make them.

But you can get your own a la Stephen Colbert at Betabrand.

The top is much simpler — both the striped tank and the red cardigan are available at the likes of Old Navy.

Steve Madden shoes.

I didn’t have time to curl, iron and style my hair like a 1940s screen siren so this is more a working class or Kit Keller hairstyle. I also added sparkles to my hair and above my eyes (you could see it if there was sunlight but it has been absent all week).

And of course my Shield handbag.

This was made by Pendragon Costumes; I ordered it last August and picked it up at NYCC in October. It’s my main bag for everyday use — holds everything I need including my prototype web-shooters and my iPad — and I LOVE it.

This look is not really Ready-to-Wear Captain America and it makes a louder statement than what I normally wear (particularly to work). I’ve gotten quite a few “Fourth of July” comments and one “Wonder Woman”. But when I say I’m going to The Avengers at midnight everyone gets it so I’m good.

One Comment on “Avengers Week: Captain America”

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