Superheroes at the Met: January Jones

January’s look is so heroine chic fashion people on twitter called her a superhero.

Her bodice is amazing. It’s the definition of heroine chic. But the best part of this image is that smile. I’ve professed my affection for Ms. Jones and her Frosty Performance but I love to see her look so happy.

Here’s the rest of the dress:

The floor-length hip-hugging skirt is why Gwyneth was named Superheroine of the Night — January’s not going to ice anyone in that — but I can imagine her ripping it away to reveal a mini, or preferably pants, and breaking out the kung-fu. Y/y?

There’s the glare she does so well. And here is where I explain that when I first saw this dress I described it as “January Jones is wearing a cylon”.

Which is a whole other layer of geekery/awesome. I love the cast of New Battlestar Galactica as it was but imagining a movie version with January Jones as Number Six is not horrible.

This dress could also be “when Emma ran away with Wolverine”. All of which leads me to believe January Jones is courting the geek chic audience. She’s crafty that way.

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