Superheroine of the Night: Gwyneth Paltrow

I know it seems redundant at this point and I know I am on a Pepper high, but, well, LOOK:

1. It’s silver.
2. It’s a mini.
3. It has scaly pockets.
4. The CUT.
5. Switch the shoes for tall boots and she’s off the PAGES.
6. But those are some killer Pepper Potts stilettos.

This is not the first time Gwyneth has gone for a Judy Jetson look. This is so futuristic heroine chic.

I mean, it really looks like a retro dress of the future. Like something out of Tomorrowland or a Stark Expo. Which is wholly appropriate!

I really love these crazy pockets. There is an undersea vibe to them but that’s the OTHER undiscovered world of tomorrow. Gwyneth is covering all her bases.

Joanna Coles is mad at this dress because she can’t wear a bra with it. The side boob is a little distracting. But she’s pulling it off. And those earrings are nifty. Little dream catchers that tie us back to the When you wish upon a star concept she’s got going.

These could even be an update to glass slippers.

Gwyneth has heroine chic DOWN.

And I almost think she knows it!

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