Khaleesi Chic featuring Diane Kruger

Daenerys Targaryen is my favourite character in the HBO series Game of Thrones. She crept up on me when I first watched season one. I started out loving Arya (still love Arya) but then Dany started doing things I would do as every character I have ever played in any fantasy role-playing game ever. She’s a character I could have come up with and she’s the character I love. Thus I am working on my own Ready-to-Wear Daenerys look to wear at upcoming conventions, ren faires and the like. I follow a bunch of tumblrs dedicated to Game of Thrones Style and Daenerys has her own…maybe it was my crowded dash but when I saw Diane’s first two Cannes festival looks, I thought: Khaleesi!

This is an AMAZING dress and she looks stunning in it. I called it Gladiator Chic when I pinned it and with different shoes it could be a comic book superheroine look as is. Diane continues to be my ultimate fashion superhero.

Dany is dirtier than Diane because she’s been tromping through the desert with a band of starving misfits and three baby dragons (<— my character). But the ideas behind the two looks ('gladiator chic') are the same.

The criss-cross lacing of Diane’s Versus dress is like a more intricate version of the Dothraki ropework. Both dresses show off skin and figure. The color brings in the blood and the dragon.

See? Dragon wings!

Okay, this is only here because Dany x Doreah + Dracarys is necessary.

I know you thought I was over reaching. But now you see.

Diane (in Giambattista Valli) is the Queen Khaleesi of Cannes.

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