Ready-to-Wear Challenge: Daenerys

I really enjoy putting together ready-to-wear superhero outfits, I’m not giving it up, but like I played with my own wardrobe for Avengers Week I decided I wanted to challenge the idea. I’m going to Wiscon this weekend and I decided to pick a science fiction heroine and put together a con-day RTW look with elements I found at the mall. Challenge!

I chose: Daenery Targaryn (Dothraki Leathers)

And headed to the Westfarms Mall.

We went to a number of stores, at first avoiding the big department blocks (Nordstrom, Macys), but as the afternoon wore on we ended up everywhere. The above was found at Free People and though it was on the sale rack was about $50 over our budget. For this particular challenge I wanted to keep the cost below $100 (note: I didn’t buy new shoes).

Anthropologie has some great looks, but like Free People, they ask you to spend more for their Earth-friendly organics that evoke the “vintage chic” of secondhand clothes (pay more to look like you paid less and don’t care about money, yay!). But I love this blouse and it is very earth-princess Daenerys if not really Dothraki.

I looked at these light, torn linen sweaters everywhere we went because not only do they fit the general Khaleesi look, I would wear them all the time. I love dressing like the people who have escaped the Matrix.

Forever 21.


Urban Outfitters.

Another reoccurring element:

The weathered tank in earth tones. What I like about this (also from Urban Outfitters) is that the patches are sequined. It is weathered AND sparkly!

This one (Express) is even better because it looks like the missing patches may have been ripped away by a wee dragon.

Express was a surprising wealth of Khaleesi chic.

This was on display, and the layered tanks were probably my favourite of the day.

I really liked the braiding detail (also found in the very top look from Free People) on this (Macys) but not the colour. Normally, I could dye it something more appropriate but that’s not part of this challenge.

This was at Forever 21 and I purchased it. It has the braiding and cuts off under the bustline, but the fringe keeps it from being inappropriate to everyday wear. I wasn’t sure before I tried it on but it was entirely/reasonably modest with a bandeau underneath.

These I loved on the rack (in H&M) but they didn’t work on ME. I am shorter than the average woman and too short for these pants. Which is a good illustration of the benefits of trying things on in person. I may create the perfect version of Iron Man or Cersei online but that doesn’t mean it will work offline.

Shorts are easier length/height wise, but then I am compromising the silhouette of the look. I ended up with a dark brown full skirt and I’ll post pictures from Wiscon!

Other Daenerys elements I found:

Jewelry (Urban Outfitters).

Dragon t-shirt (Urban Outfitters).

Dragon scale earrings (Express).

Dany’s Qarth dress in shoe form.

And I’m keeping a few secret for the final reveal!

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