Heroine Chic at the MTV Movie Awards

This is not very heroine chic.

It’s sexy and it’s snazzy and it pops (!) but it’s not heroine chic. Until this happened:

Charlize, I love you. The dress is still not heroine chic on its own but on a grown woman beating up Magneto, it totally is. Well played.

Christina Ricci (in Christian Siriano). The cut is iffy but the bodice is awesomely heroine chic.

Brooke Hogan. I kind of hate this but it is super heroine chic.

Crystal Reed. Super adorable if maybe stretching the definition of heroine chic (those shoes look mean).

Emma Watson looking nothing like Hermione and everything like a cyberpunk anime robot girl. Aka heroine chic.

Chris Hemsworth looking nothing like Thor OR the Huntsman but I’m certain everyone is swooning anyway.

Jackson Rathbone in a powerder blue suit jacket. Is he Justin Hammer’s long lost son or what?

And Kristen Stewart wearing lightning bolts.

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