Superheroine of the Night: Elizabeth Banks

I picked her right away. MTV’s red carpet pre-show was a Punk’d mishmash MESS and the live-stream didn’t like my Mac so I spent the hour running up to the show browsing Getty Images while Game of Thrones played in the background (I watched these awards last night instead of the finale — don’t spoil me!) and when I came across Elizabeth:

I knew I’d found the look to beat.

Amongst Elizabeth’s many performances is an adorable turn as Miss Brant in the Raimi Spider-Man trilogy and not only can I imagine a spider-powered Miss Brant running around in this jumpsuit, I want that comic (Spider-Island totally just happened guys. It’d be easy!).

Everything about this is heroine chic; the only change I’d make for Miss Brant’s comic book design is the shoes.

And since Effie was my favourite part of The Hunger Games I am pleased she was honored. You go Banks!

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