Superhero of the Night: Andrew Garfield

It’s hard for a guy to win Superhero of the Night at a blacktie event. There are those — like Alan Cummings — who go for it and get rewarded for their weirdness (though note that I labelled him a villain). But there’s just not that much play for the boys side. Mostly everybody looks like this:

Now before you go pointing out my Spidey-bias (note: I am totally biased) Andrew didn’t win just because he happens to play a superhero. Wolverine and Cyclops were also there! And NPH did a super-swell job as host. But Andrew gets the title for moments like this:

What do you see, Gwen and Peter?

Here’s his actual reaction to Neil’s Spider-tribute (With bonus Christopher Plummer and Cynthia Nixon!):

Here is where I point out I’m sad that the lack of love for Spider-Man on Broadway meant none of this:

Reeve Carney gets me. But no. Back to Andrew.

Andrew wins Superhero of the Night because he makes comic book faces.

It’s a nail-biting evening for Andrew and Emma.


Andrew reacts to the performance of Godspell.

And adorably.

Andrew at New York Drama Critics Awards

And constantly.


Okay, she’s Gwen and not MJ but the note still stands. (Btw, Emma’s dress is basically the most heroine chic one I saw last night so that tells you how un-heroine chic Tonys-wear is.)

Newsies, bring us home!

Ben Fankhauser and Andrew Keenan-Bolger know as well as J. Jonah Jameson that Spider-Man sells papers.

Gifs from here


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