Superheroine of the Night: Ashley Greene

You have to love an awards show that names James Van Der Beek “Veteran of the Year”. Dawson, the celebrated Veteran of Young Hollywood. How oddly brilliant is that? I mean, it’s an absurd award. Hey, let’s make up a lifetime achievement award for someone who is thirty! Actually, why don’t we have Old Hollywood Awards? You know awards only given to actors over the ago of 60. And someone like Clooney could win “Up and Comer of the Year”. Or whoever the Van Der Beek of Old Hollywood is because, let’s be real, Dawson is no DiCaprio.

Anyway! Ashley Greene:

Ashley not only hosted the show, she was named Superstar of Tomorrow (Female). And no one came close to her in terms of heroine chic:

This is from the After-Party but those pink umbrellas are exactly what artists throw into comic books to make the background pop, don’t you think?

So this is heroine chic on every level. It’s sporty/sexy/sparkly. Cut the toe-shoes (omg, can we switch them for actual toe shoes? Because that would be awesome. I’d say she can be Baby Black Widow but Scarlett Johansson is all of two years older than her. Forget what I said about Clooney. I want an awards show for women over the age of 40. Erm, where was I?), replace them with something more simple or more outlandish and we are good to go.

Basically, she’s not just quasi-celebrated: she’s heroine chic, she’s talented (even Twi-haters realize Alice is THE BEST, and she’s just been cast as Alan Rickman’s daughter in an idie flick about punk rock aka Why is this movie not out yet?), and she’s adorable while wearing giant headphones so she should get to be in Avengers 2 as Coulson’s Cellist Who Joined SHIELD to Wreak Revenge. Or, you know, Wasp.

Just sayin.


One Comment on “Superheroine of the Night: Ashley Greene”

  1. […] the big-or-small screen if any of those projects ever happen. I maintain she’d make a better Wasp in the Avengers franchise, […]

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