Paris Hilton wants to join The Order

One of my favorite comic book series is The Order by Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson. It takes place under the Superhuman Registration Act and during the 50 States Initiative — basically Tony Stark is in charge of everything and a superteam is assigned to every state in the USA. In California it’s a team made up of celebrities turned superheroes by way of nanotech/genetic enhancement/whositwhatsit granted powers. The book is brilliant but so is that one conceit. And it has inspired many hours of me imagining which actual celebrities might sign up (RDJ is obvious, Ryan Gosling has a hero rep, Michelle Rodriguez would kick ass). And once, I actually plotted a story about a bored Paris Hilton deciding she wanted to try out.

She clearly agrees with my assessment and even got Pepsi to sign up as her corporate sponsor. And you know, “bored heiress turns to superheroism to make her life meaningful” (no offense to Paris or any other socialites, this is fiction) would be a refreshing origin story. Why shouldn’t someone become a superhero just because she wants to?

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