Project Runway 10.1

Watching the pre-show with Mondo and various other PR alums last night reminded me how sad-and-angry the PR All Stars Season made me. I really liked Mondo and Mondo’s designs on his first season but All Stars soured me on him and the show. It seemed created to hand him a crown. But! The first real episode of this new season renewed my excitement for the show. The judges weren’t fawning (I love Nina Garcia) and this new batch is full of people with heroine chic design potential. Like so:

Elena’s aesthetic (and her own hairstyle!) reminds me most of Aeon Flux and that puts her high on my list of favourites.

Buffi is working a Jem aesthetic. Both these looks tip heroine chic but I’m not super impressed by either. I don’t know if Buffi is long for the show because where I want to see more of her own kookiness on the runway:

It would be a very fine tightrope to walk and I’m not sure she knows how to do it. But I’m interested and watching.

Kooan is a TRIP. That romper is SUCH a cutesy supervillain design I can’t even. But he will really have to fine tune if he doesn’t want to end up on the aufing block again. This is possibly the first time I have wanted to use the phrase “too costumey”.

I really liked Dmitry’s story about his career as a professional ballroom dancer inspiring his interest in design. And it’s very clear in that first look. Both trend heroine chic, especially the second, and I look forward to more.

Alicia calls her designs “Tomboy” and that first one is an awesome modern Red Riding Hood. The second looks a little Starfleet, which might not be a compliment from someone else but I like it. Alicia’s fun and I think an Apple Jack nickname would not be out of order. So she’s a winner to me.

I like Sonja more than her designs I think, but I’m glad she kept the jacket instead of the dress when Tim told her they didn’t go together.

And I really like the pants hooked over shoes.

And Raoul’s designs were forgettable but he has signature hair. Secret supervillain y’all.

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