Superheroine of the Night: Demi Lovato

I like Demi. She’s got a cool sound, she survived the Disney machine, she wants to be an inspiration to Girls Like Her and where I’m not totally convinced she’s there, hey she’s a kid and she’s trying (aside: anyone else find the “I’m over eighteen!” assertion during the random “let’s show off our tattoos” sequence with Kevin strange and borderline creepy? I really can’t stand our society’s relationship with age).

And of everybody at the Teen Choice Awards she looked the most likely to fight crime:

Her first look could be inserted into a genre flick AS IS.

The ponytail, the detail on the dress, the armored shoulders, even her strappy “I can stab you” heels are heroine chic.

She changed twice, first into a “The X-Men have to be GRITTY now” ensemble:

And then… this:

Sorry kiddo, but I think you hit the high point with your first appearance of the night.

I like the Warrior Princess a lot more than “I’m over eighteen!”

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