Project Runway 10.2

Candy! Couture! Candy Couture! At least, that’s what Nina Garcia and @ProjectRunway really wanted us to think. I am of two minds in this challenge. On on hand, I love ‘unconventional materials’ challenges and candy is FUN. On the other hand I can’t stand food that isn’t being eaten. I have problems with something as mundane as leftovers so wearing food is … ew. Candy is on the line in that it is super-preserved (except for the candy floss that not one but two designers were dumb enough to choose — doesn’t everyone know cotton candy turns to a rock once it’s exposed to air outside its bag?????) so I could get through watching this without too much trouble. I couldn’t be their model though. Those poor girls.

I think Nathan’s was the best representation of a candy superhero. Though I think only a supervillain would dress up in candy on purpose. A supervillain or a precocious sidekick as Nathan’s was also my seven year old daughter’s favourite.

Sonji’s shark dress was my favourite. And a supervillain would definitely wear it. You know someone who works for Dr. Evil. Because the only thing better than sharks with lasers is a dress made out of (gummi) sharks with lasers.

Jenny Humphrey Melissa continues to be my favourite designer overall. Yes, it’s hilarious that she went straight for the black licorice in the midst of Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s ode to Willy Wonka, but the result is BADASS.

Then there’s Buffi who made lots of missteps with this dress (Carrie Bradshaw/NYC was not a part of the challenge, the skirt fails to not look like wrinkled tissue paper, nothing quite fits right, and the styling needed to be dialed back by about twelve) BUT, it was not even close to as bad as the judges made it out to be. Drop the headpiece, necklace, and clutch, and switch out the shoes (I think something strappy) and the dress would shine better. Yes, I’d keep the lolly. I like the lolly! The whole thing was whimsical, which is an entirely reasonable way to go for a CANDY challenge. Ven’s (winning) dress bored me but then so does a lot of the Michael Kors collection (his kids shoes are darling, though).

As someone who has had many the hot glue gun burn (pretty much every time I use a hot glue gun…like everyone else I know who uses one regularly) I have to side-eye Elena’s hot glue gun tantrum. I think she just hated the challenge entirely. Her design wasn’t bad but it ended up a mess. And I don’t know if it’s the styling or the model but I think a switch up might help her looks.

But I liked both Buffi’s and Elena’s better than this disaster:

Lanti’s thankfully eliminated dress is not even worth talking about.

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