Project Runway 10.4 Exodus

We already know my feelings about the episode, but here are my feelings about the fashion. The challenge was not very challenging: design a look for a woman on the go.

I love Melissa and I love layers but this went a little overboard. Then again, there’s a Jedi cloak thing going on here that at the least makes it Geek Chic. And Jedis are on-the-go…? I guess?

Nathan’s has a built in cape.

Gunnar. Not heroine chic. Kinda cool.

Yawn. I mean Ven. But, yawn! And why does “on-the-go” translate to “variations on beige”?

Except for the top three…

…who went for and won with “variations on black”.

Dmitry’s model fits his aesthetic so well. Here she looks like a European fashion mogul.

And here is her bodyguard. It’s a new spy-thriller designed by Dmitry and Elena.

Still Forever 21.

I’d like to hear the “story” about this one because I don’t know who would wear it. Normally I roll my eyes at the stories (see: Christopher’s absurd prattle about a fashion forward working mom) but this is too interesting for some and not interesting enough for the the rest.

This is not interesting for anyone. Also hideous.



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