Spice World

The Olympics are over for another two/four years (depending on how you view it) and I found plenty of superheroes in the past two weeks plus. But before we get to any of them we have to talk about these five girls:

I’ve been told calling anyone over 12 a ‘girl’ is disingenuous but it’s in their name. And I am that girl (I’m way over 12 but I like being a girl!) who embraced (and embraces!) both the Girl Power movement that the Spice Girls epitomized and the Riot Grrl Revolution that blew up at about the same time. Spice Grrl? Riot Spice? Whatever, I love the Spice Girls! They’ve played superheroes before and they brought the heroine chic to their Olympic performance.

Baby was the Spice whose style I most resembled back in the day. If she’d worn this to walk around a comic book convention floor everyone would assume she was cosplaying. I think this could EASILY be mistaken for a take on Jane Jetson.

Right? At the least it’s a look that looks like something.

The best thing about Mel B. — besides this outrageous ode to the Olympics via gold jumpsuit — is that she chose to call herself Scary. Think about it. She set herself up as someone to be feared. THAT is powerful.

I wish Sporty had jumped off her taxi and partied with the athletes. It would have made up for her overly boring, but technically heroine chic, jumpsuit and sneaks.

Victoria Beckham knows how to dress. She was (of course!) the most posh and the cameras were in love with her. I would legitimately read a Posh & Becks comic book. Legitimately and literally POSH & BECKS. It doesn’t have to be logical or at all based in reality. I think it could be amazing. I know it would be pretty.

MY GIRL. Ginger, Ginger, Ginger you wear that Union Jack proud. Easily my favourite look of the night. And most heroine chic. You. Win.

Look at her. I love her.


Remember: there’s no wrong way to be a girl.

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