Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Molly Hayes (Back-to-School Series)

It’s Back-to-School season! And what better way to start the school year than with an outfit inspired by a favourite school-age superhero? Well, we’re here to help!

Molly Hayes is a character from Marvel’s Runaways series. She’s an eleven year old mutant with super super strength and invulnerability. And an uncanny ability for back talk.

Molly’s style is distinctive: she wears bright colors, baggy layers and she’s barely ever seen without a cutesy hat. Think Girly + Tomboy with a nod to Japanese Street Style.

Molly Hayes

1. Start with a hat or two. Most schools don’t allow hats to be worn within the building but the hats are Molly’s signature. Cats, bunnies, bears — go wild.

2. Molly’s small and she usually wears extra layers to give herself some heft. Layer a t-shirt over long sleeves, add a vest or hoodie, or loop two belts around your waist. She’s also a fan of wristbands or arm warmers.

3. Molly tends to bright colors and shirts with words or characters. She uses her clothes, and accessories, to express herself.

Molly’s not a well-known hero but her character is “cute and fun with a surprising punch”, and so is her look.

Molly Hayes by redcarpetsuperhero
featuring Local Celebrity rainbow t shirt, $63 / J.Crew puffy vest / GAP cargo pants / Knee high socks / Disney mesh backpack, $22 / Toast, $55 / Black Fleece ski hat / Stride Rite Milli


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