Ready-to-Wear Superhero: Damian Wayne (Back-to-School Series)

Damian Wayne is the son of Gotham’s Bruce Wayne and the League of Assassins’ Talia al Ghul. He’s the latest and current Robin to Bruce’s Batman but he was introduced (pre DCnU) as a precocious assassin.

I love this costume design: it illustrates the struggle between good and evil that defines Damian and his family.

Damian Wayne (Assassin)

1. The key element of this look is the black and white color palette. The look of Damian’s jumpsuit can be exactly achieved in a dress like this, but it would be too sophisticated for school. While I did build this outfit with a private education in mind, the purpose of this series is to build a look for school. Both the dresses in the set achieve Damian’s aesthetic while being youthful.

2. The shoes and the coat are priced over $100 but they can be worn every day and if you are going to spend money on clothes, good shoes and a good coat should top your list. Or you can look for the bargain versions. I really love these Doc Martens for the look; they give it an edge even if you choose to leave off the studded gloves.

3. I chose the glitter-skull bag because “Ra’s al Ghul” translates as “demon’s head”. If you want to lean Bruce, you could switch out for Batman merchandise.

Damian Wayne (Assassin) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

White dress / Silver dress / Cape coat / H M tight, $11 / Dr. Martens lace up boots, $140 / loungefly tote handbag / Fingerless glove

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