Ready-to-Wear Superhero : Robin (Back-to-School Series)

Tim Drake is my favorite of the Robins, so I chose to focus on that costume.

Tim Drake (Robin)

1. Tim’s Robin wears red, black, and yellow. I fell in love with the red dress the instant I saw it. I had to use it. But I wanted to include an alternative idea since the dress is heavy and distinctive (and pricy). To achieve a Robin look with the dress, I paired it with the black and yellow gloves. They bring in the colour scheme and dress it down just a little. Or (see left) you can pair a yellow top with a red skirt and add the black jacket for the cape.

2. The stockings, booties, and beret suit the red dress perfectly (I sort of imagine a “Blair Waldorf as Tim Drake” effect) but they would dress up the alternative look. And all the pieces can be mixed and matched.

3. The bag is a perfect real world version of Tim’s yellow pouches. And I just could not resist the robin earrings!

Tim Drake (Robin) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

Wool dress / Top / Tie-Waist Peacoat / Skirt / Bow tight / ASOS wedge heels, $51 / ASOS mesh backpack, $16 / Layla Amber stud earrings, $11 / Wool hat, $22

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