Ready-to-Wear Superhero: X-23 (Back-to-School Series)

X-23 basically only wears clothes that would break the dress code at your average respectable high school.

But her look is made up of realistic and available clothing and can be toned down without losing her edge.

Laura Kinney (X-23)

1. Black jeans with a black top — pretty simple. I like the mesh top as an alternative to her bustier and layered over the tank it should avoid breaking most rules. You could also pair a long top with a skirt to flip the appearance of flesh (bare calves instead of bare midriff).

2. Adding little bits of armor by way of the jacket, belt, or jewelry bring in Laura’s metal skeleton and gives your look a toughness.

3. I like to play with the contradiction of vulnerability and strength — the sheer back-pack says you have nothing to hide and nothing to lose, but it’s really a matter of hiding in plain sight.

X-23 lounging on a tree branch, reading a book

Laura Kinney (X-23) by redcarpetsuperhero featuring

Sheer blouse / Leather jacket / Skinny jeans, $24 / Cami / Bandolino boots / Clear bag / Silver jewelry / Jewelry / Belt, $25 / Maison Martin Margiela Ribbed wool arm warmers

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